Setting Yourself Up For Success!

Setting Yourself Up For Success! Throughout the course of my life I have seen countless people corner themselves with contingencies for hypothetical situations the always have a negative outcome. For example, they would say something to the effect that ‘If so and so looks at me wrong Then I’ll beat him up.’ This statement or […]

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Growing Up

Many youngsters feel that being the class clown; being defiant; and even going to jail is some form of “Right of Passage!” They glorify these behaviors to fit into the, so-called, “In Crowd.” Not realizing that they’re being acquiesced into, what I call “Colonization.” Like worker bees & ants, these youngsters are following the vision/behaviors […]

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During the past few weeks I have witnessed several players in the NFL engaged in physical altercations with other opponents on the field. This type of behavior is classified as unsportsmanlike conduct in the rule books for referees but its real name is assault. Assault is never an acceptable form of behavior, on or off […]



Recently there have been a number of politicians in the news for demonstrating poor decisions and behavior in regards to their treatment of women. While these politicians are only human, it is clearly evident that they have forgotten and disregarded their Responsibility as a public servant to, at all times, exhibit the highest form of […]


In Today’s Society

In today’s society with all the advancements in technology and media your brain is flooded with more images and data than at any other point in the history of mankind. Because your brain is inundated with so much information about who you should be it often becomes confusing and muddled about who you are and […]

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Life Experience

It has been my experience that many times in life people find themselves in situations that they feel are hopeless and inescapable. But I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. There is always a way out of a bad situation. You never have to stay in a situation […]

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Message For The Day.

  Hey Friends, Just a quick note to say hello and to drop a jewel on you to carry you through the day on a positive note. One of the most critical lessons I’ve learned over the years is that in order to take charge of your life it is absolutely imperative to learn how […]

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